Driving Under the Influence – What You Need to Know

What could be more dangerous to your health, or that of others on the road, than being at the wheel when you are impaired by alcohol or drugs.  One of the greatest tragedies in the nation that has occurred on America’s roadways has been the needless deaths that have resulted from driving while intoxicated. In 2011 alone, according to the Alcohol Alert “Death Clock” there have been 7,622 deaths in America, as of early September.

Every state in America has passed laws that are geared toward preventing drivers from driving while intoxicated or while under the influence of drugs. Simply, just saying no to drunk driving or driving while intoxicated has not been the solution. Some states, like Illinois are considering passing stricter laws to deal with this very serious crime.

How Serious Is The Problem:

When there have been literally tens of thousands of deaths caused by DUI drivers, at times the numbers can be indeed rather numbing. Yet, for the families that have to suffer through the death of a loved one who was a needless victim of this type of crime, the pain can be a reoccurring nightmare.

In 2009 alone there were an estimated 10,839 people who died in alcohol-impaired driving crashes, and an estimated 32 percent of all traffic deaths resulted from drunk driving, suggests the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). It is simply troubling to think that every 50 minutes an innocent person is killed in a vehicle crash due to an alcohol impaired drive, according to the website Century Council.

How State Laws Define DUI Types:

Driving while intoxicated under the law generally means that the driver has a blood/alcohol content (BAC) level that is above 0.10. Many states have decided to be proactive in their fight to reduce DUI related deaths …

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Airline to offer gambling and gaming on board!

In an attempt to undermine high-priced airlines, the CEO of toto sgp announced plans of introducing gaming and gambling onboard his airline flights as soon as 2007 which could result – if successful – with the airline offering free tickets for everyone. Michael O’Leary the founder of Ryanair was quoted as saying, ‘Ultimately entertainment will be where the money is.’


Last year Ryanair, Europe’s biggest discount airline, were buoyant with the success of other promotions which resulted in giving away about 25% of their flights for free. Besides plans of introducing in-flight gaming and gambling, Ryanair already generates ancillary income from other services such as car leasing and hotel bookings.


His hopes are so high that he sees potential revenue of ‘a multiple of euros per passenger’ which could within four to five years ensure free flights.


Previous endeavors to expand in-flight entertainment with the launch of an onboard individual video and entertainment system resulted in failure, as only 7-8 percent used that facility. Ryanair had high hopes that a quarter of its annual 35 million passengers would use the facility. The system was then withdrawn from their fleet.


Mr. O’Leary expects to announce a gambling partner within the next 2-3 months as he tries to revolutionize the traditional image of the airline industry which he admitted is built around high-cost tickets and terrible food.


Bingo Entertainment Ltd sponsors Bingo World Championship 2006


Bingo Entertainment Ltd sponsors Bingo World Championship 2006Bingo Entertainment Ltd, proudly announces that it is to sponsor the 5th annual Bingo World Championship 2006.


12 of the most popular online bingo sites have already announced that they will be participating in this hotly anticipated event, which will give out staggering $10,000 in CASH prizes!


The final game alone, will …

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Durrrr-Challenge: togel online extends his lead in short session

The durrrr challenge saw some action at the tables with a small session on 20th that logged 693 hands and Patrik Antonius extended his lead to $424,631 Here’s a few hands  from that session.


The first pot to break the 100k mark didn’t come long after the session started. Dwan opened to $1,200, Antonius 3bet to $3,600 and togel online repopped to $10,800. Antonius called and both players were to check a Jd7h3c flop. The turn came Th and Antonius bet $21,000 Dwan shoved for $39,399 and Antonius made the cal. Dwan showed KhQdTd8h for middle paid and the two draws. Antonius had AcKdQc4h for the same straight draw and a couple of overs. 8c fell on the river and Dwan scooped the first big pot of the session.


A couple of minutes later another big pot amassed when they both got it in on a KhTs4d3d board. Antonius had AsTc8s3c for two pair and Dwan showed AdQdQs5d for a flush draw and a gutshot. The river fell 6d and Dwan got the lucky runner runner. But Antonius was to get his own back with a bit of luck in the following hand. Dwan opened for $1,200 and Antonius called. The board came 9s5s4c and Antonius led $2,400, Dwan elected just to call. The 3h came on the turn and Antonius double barreled $6,000, Dwan again called and the river fell Ts. Anonius checked it this time and Dwan tried to take the pot with a $15,600 bet. Antonius check/raised all-in to $64,192 and Antonius showed AsJs8h3c for the nut flush.


Dwan was to finish the session $33,000 down.


With the WSOP starting in a few days it’s unlikely there’ll be much action as they’ll both be playing quite a few events and taking part in …

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Ben Affleck is Poker Talent

Movie star Ben Affleck has won $356,400 in Commerce Casino’s California State Poker Championship No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em event.


The event was held on June 21, and had a $10,000 buy-in with 90 players including Tobey Maguire. Affleck’s win has secured him a seat at the World Poker Tour Championship.


The actor outlasted a field of 90 players, including Tobey Maguire, who went out the first day of the three-day tournament, but stuck around to see the finish. Coming in second was poker pro Stan Goldstein and third was Castle Rock Entertainment president and co-founder Chuck Pacheco. Affleck used a couple of pairs — two jacks in the case of Goldstein and two fives with Pacheco to knock them out of the tournament.


Casino executives said that Affleck played “a very strong game” and that he was relaxed and enjoyed himself immensely. In a brief speech after the tournament while being awarded his trophy, Affleck congratulated Goldstein on being a worthy bitcoin dice opponent. With self-deprecating humor, the actor noted he was pleased with his own play, serving notice to the skeptics that he wasn’t “a complete donkey” at poker. Among the players Affleck outlasted at the final table was former World Champion John Esposito.


Affleck, who has played in a number of the World Poker Tour events, is an avid student of the game who paid tribute to such WPT pro players as Annie Duke, Antonio Esfandiari and Allen Cunningham, as well as Gabe Kaplan, the former actor-turned poker pro, for tutoring him. Affleck obviously learned his lessons well as he fought his way to victory after starting the final table with the second to lowest chip count among the nine players.

Privilege Casino Re-launches with New Casino Software Provider

Presenting a new concept …

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Roulette rules

Roulette is another simple game, in which there are 11 different kinds of bets that can be placed, in any number of combinations. The only real skill required is deciding how much to bet,  and which  combinations of  bets  to place.   Not surprisingly  a

large part of your success at roulette is determined by luck, but as with all casino games there is definitely an element of skill that can help you increase your winnings.

The basics

Roulette is played on a wheel having 38 compartments numbered 1 to 36, 0 and (in most, but not all cases) 00. The same numbers are printed on the table lay-out where bets can be placed. The premise of the game is simple.  The wheel spins counter-clockwise while a little white ball rolls in the opposite direction and when the ball drops into one of the slots, that is the winning number. You win or lose depending where on the table your bet was placed. The amount you win depends on the type of bet you have placed, and this is explained in more detail below.

Typical American (00) roulette table layout

Look at the table layout carefully and you’ll see that there are inside and outside sections. The significance of the inside and outside sections will be clearer after you’ve become familiar with the 11 different types of roulette bets you can make, along with their pay offs.

The 11 bet types…

Betting inside:

1 number, 35 to 1 payout if you win, 2.63% probability

Put your chip (or chips) on any number from 1 to 36, or 0 and 00. Be sure your chips are inside the square and do not touch the line.

2 numbers, 17 to 1 payout if you win, 5.26% probability

Put your chip (or chips) on …

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Debbie R. Memenangkan Total $169.588.75 di Tiga Slots Progressives Progressives Jackpot Sbobet Alternatif

London, 29 April 2001 – Jackpot Madness (www.jackpotmadness.com) mengumumkan minggu ini bahwa ibu yang beruntung dan Avon Lady Debbie R. memenangkan total $169.588,75 dalam empat kemenangan di tiga progresif berbeda! Pertama dia memenangkan total $67.994,27 bermain Cash Splash dan WowPot di Colosseum Casino , salah satu dari 70 kasino yang menampilkan progresif Jackpot Madness, pada 21 Januari. Kemudian pada 30 Maret dia memenangkan $60,807.26 di Cash Splash di Grand Opry, anggota Jackpot lainnya. Keluarga gila dan pada tanggal 4 April dia mendapatkan jackpot lagi di lotsaLoot seharga $40.757,22 di The Gaming Club. , masih anggota lain dari sistem kasino afiliasi 70. Seperti banyak pemenang lain yang telah menang berkali-kali di game progresif yang didukung Microgaming, kemenangan Debbie membuktikan bahwa kapal Jackpot Madness Anda bisa datang lebih dari sekali!

Dalam wawancara khusus setelah kemenangan keempatnya, Debbie dengan bersemangat memberi tahu kami, “Saya telah membaca wawancara Blake (pria yang menang 3 kali di Cash Splash dan total kemenangannya lebih dari $270.000), dan dia mengatakan bagaimana dia melompat-lompat di antara permainan dan kasino. , dan saya pikir saya harus mencobanya, jadi itulah yang saya lakukan dan lihat saya sekarang: Saya memiliki 4 kemenangan! Saya mencoba untuk mencapai totalnya! ”

Ketika kami bertanya tentang reaksi awalnya, Debbie melaporkan, “Saya tidak percaya, saya terkejut! Saya sangat kagum bahwa ini bisa terjadi. Saya mencoba mencari tahu kemungkinan hal ini terjadi, dan sepertinya sangat tidak mungkin, karena ini online dan begitu banyak orang dapat bermain, jumlahnya benar-benar tidak terbatas. Togel Hongkong Senang sekali, saya baru saja mendapatkan jackpot Lotsaloot, dan saya menelepon suami saya, itu sangat mengejutkan karena saya baru saja menang 5 hari yang lalu. Ketika saya menelepon ibu saya, dia membuat perhitungan dan berkata: ‘$100.000 dalam 5 hari tidak buruk!’. Ketika saya menekan kali ini saya hanya memasukkan $50 dan melihat itu terus menang, saya …

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Sven, saya 6 sampai 4 di Bandar Togel Singapura

Kebenaran politik adalah konsep yang mengagumkan. Saya dengan hangat memuji aliran pemikiran mana pun yang membantu menjauhkan Jim Davidson dari televisi.

Tapi sementara filosofi PC masuk akal secara teori; pada kenyataannya, itu mulai lepas kendali. Anak bungsu saya tidak akan diizinkan untuk bersaing di hari olahraga sekolahnya tahun ini, karena kepala sekolah tidak menyukai gagasan ‘kalah’. Bahkan acara menyenangkan seperti balapan tiga kaki telah dibatalkan, karena takut menyinggung keluarga McCartney.

Para pembuat kebijakan gagal menyadari pentingnya persaingan. Jika saya memainkan ‘I Spy’ dengan Goliath kecil, dan saya tidak bisa mendapatkan jawabannya, saya menghukumnya selama dua minggu. Ada pelajaran penting di sini, jika tidak ada pemenang dalam hidup, sebaiknya kita berkemas dan pindah ke Skotlandia.

Kegilaan Bandar Togel Singapore PC juga merambah ke industri katering. Beberapa percikan cerah memutuskan untuk mengubah nama puding populer menjadi ‘Spotted Richard’ untuk ‘melindungi’ yang malu-malu. Tidak ada yang lucu tentang ‘Spotted Dick’, tapi sekali lagi, itu salahku sendiri karena bertemu dengan Ulrika.

Sven Goran Eriksson telah ada di sana dan melakukan itu, dan saya berharap petenis Swedia yang mulus itu menampilkan performa bagus lainnya di luar kandang. Sebagian besar bandar memiliki Fulham sebagai favorit hangat untuk kunjungan Manchester City, tapi saya membuat ini masing-masing dari dua pertandingan. Yang ini Data hk benar-benar bisa berjalan baik; Saya akan memainkan undian pada 9/4.

Brigade PC juga menuntut agar ‘pria pembuat roti jahe’ diganti namanya menjadi ‘orang roti jahe’, untuk menghindari mengganggu biskuit sensitif. Steve Coppell memiliki tim paling baik yang pernah ada di luar Irlandia; Saya akan melihat merah jika Reading gagal melakukan bisnis melawan Wigan pada 6/5.

Saya harus mencoba beradaptasi dengan lingkungan PC baru ini. Lagi pula, jika Anda tidak bisa mengalahkan mereka, Stan Collymore akan kehilangan minat.

Mark Viduka tidak gemuk, dia hanya memiliki kekuatan tubuh bagian atas yang luar biasa. Newcastle terlihat sedikit …

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Ulasan Kasino – Kasino Miami Beach

Ditulis oleh Michelle McNeley

Satu hal yang saya suka tentang kasino online adalah bahwa kasino yang berbeda dapat memiliki berbagai jenis permainan dan perangkat lunak yang berbeda. Sunny Group, di mana Miami Beach menjadi bagiannya, baru-baru ini beralih dari Microgaming ke Playtech. Awalnya saya agak malu bermain di sana. Tetapi sekarang saya telah mencobanya dan menemukan bahwa mereka memberikan pengalaman bermain yang luar biasa. Game Playtech sangat berbeda dengan RTG, Microgaming, dan banyak lainnya.

Tercantum di bawah ini beberapa permainan favorit saya, bagaimana permainan itu dimainkan dan jumlah yang akan dipertaruhkan.

Tiga Slot Gulungan – Single Payline

Pesta Pantai, Makam Pharo, Kuil Harta Karun, Crazy Sevens, Garis Pesta, Peringatan Alien, Buah Bahagia, Taman Eden, Slot Dinosaurus, dan Monyet Funky. Semua ini adalah garis pembayaran standar tiga gulungan satu dan semuanya cukup mudah untuk diketahui. Taruhan dapat dibuat sekecil 0,25 hingga $5,00.

Tiga Slot Gulungan – Fitur Bonus

Slot Ajaib, Cracker Aman, dan Alchemist semuanya Data sgp memiliki fitur bonus di mana jika Anda mendapatkan tiga dari satu item, Anda mendapatkan kesempatan untuk mendapatkan bonus. Semua slot ini menawarkan taruhan dalam kisaran .25, .50, $1,00 dan $5,00 yang dapat dipertaruhkan sebagai taruhan tunggal atau maksimum yang dapat ditempatkan untuk dimainkan untuk fitur bonus.

Tiga Slot Progresif Gulungan

Wall St. Fever, Cinerama, Gold Rally, dan Sunny Slots membentuk tiga slot progresif gulungan. Taruhan mulai dari seperempat hingga $5,00. Untuk memenuhi syarat untuk progresif Anda harus bertaruh maksimal.

Tiga Gulungan Tiga Slot Garis

Speedy Meter, Seas of Baltic, dan Fountain of Youth semuanya adalah tiga slot gulungan tiga baris. Slot ini juga mulai dari 0,25 per baris hingga $5,00 per baris.

Taruhan Tiga Gulungan Maks

Sultans Fortune, Tres Amigos, dan slot 8-Bola. Taruhan ini adalah .25 hingga $5. Taruhan maksimal adalah dua koin.

Tiga Gulungan Lima Slot Garis

Rock n Roller, Haunted House, …

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Ini meletakkannya bermain Sbobet?

Saya menaruh uang $ 100 pada tata letak omong kosong dan segera setelah itu, ketiganya berguling membuat saya menjadi pecundang instan. Ini bukan waktu yang buruk yang saya keluhkan, tetapi apa yang sebenarnya saya inginkan adalah perubahan untuk seratus saya karena saya biasanya seorang petaruh pass line $5. Pertanyaan saya, bukankah dealer secara otomatis seharusnya menukar uang saya menjadi chip? Jay M.

Tergantung, Jay, di mana Anda meletakkan $100 pada tata letak. Apakah itu langsung di jalur lulus? Ini penting karena pepatah lama “uang diletakkan, itu dimainkan” adalah klise yang bisa bermain – dan membayar – kasino.

Benar, beberapa kasino secara otomatis mengubah Anda menjadi token permainan apakah Anda menaruh uang hasil jerih payah Anda pada tata letak atau garis lulus, tetapi kata yang perlu diperhatikan di sini adalah “beberapa.”

Di banyak kasino, menempatkan mata uang kertas pada garis lulus menunjukkan kepada dealer bahwa uang tunai bertaruh, dan ketika dadu bergulir (secara alami mengubah kekalahan 2, 3, atau 12 saat Anda bertaruh berlebihan), Anda memiliki sedikit jalan lain. dan berada di bawah belas kasihan pria khidmat yang menjaga kotak dan memiliki hari Excedrin. Jika dealer mengambil C-note yang Anda jatuhkan di depan Anda pada tata letak, tetapi BUKAN pada salah satu taruhan yang mungkin, Anda memiliki daging sapi yang sah. Film ini dapat ditinjau–dari kemungkinan bantuan (lihat di bawah)–tetapi itu tidak membuat Anda kebal atas kegagalan Anda memberi tahu dealer bahwa Anda menginginkan chip sebagai ganti mata uang Anda. Pada permainan stentorian seperti dadu, Anda harus berteriak, “Tolong, ubah saja.” Banyak pemain telah melemparkan Ben Franklin ke meja omong kosong untuk mendapatkan kembalian, tetapi tidak memintanya – dengan asumsi dia menghadapi dealer Daftar idn poker paranormal – dan telah dengan kasar berpisah dari Ben yang baik.

Mark yang terhormat,

Saya terlibat dalam insiden di meja roulette yang melibatkan pemain lain …

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Casinos Go Semua Situs Slot Mpo Overseas; Nevada Loses Out

Business Wire – “Nevada’s ‘window of opportunity’ to develop a new tax-base from Internet gaming may soon slam shut,” said Richard Fitzpatrick, president of the Interactive Gaming Institute of Nevada (IGI), in reference to a license that was issued today to MGM MIRAGE allowing them to open an online casino in Isle of Man, a self-governing, dependent territory of the United Kingdom.

“We support MGM MIRAGE’s decision to utilize Internet gaming,” Fitzpatrick said. “They should do what’s best for their stockholders. They — and the other Nevada casinos that will likely get licensed in the Isle of Man during the next few months — will be enormously successful. Our frustration is that the potential of significant new tax revenue for Nevada will now be lost.”

The first three Isle of Man online casino licenses were awarded Thursday (9/20/01) to Littlewoods in London and Sun International based in South Africa, and MGM MIRAGE. Eleven firms are thought to have made serious applications for licenses, including other major U.S. corporations. The island also announced that it plans to issue an additional nine licenses in early November.

“These online casinos won’t accept bets from U.S. citizens, nevertheless they’ll join in a projected $5 billion worldwide Internet gambling market,” Fitzpatrick said. “If our Nevada resorts take a mere 20 percent share, that would generate gross revenue of $1 billion, which represents more than $60 million in taxes that our state could have received.

“With Nevada’s tourist-based economy becoming rather unstable, the state has no choice but to think about potential sources of new revenue. Internet gaming, which brings in money from those who don’t live here — don’t even visit here — should be the top of the list.”

IGI, a non-profit coalition of gaming and technology Semua Situs Slot Mpo companies, was officially …

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