Citibank agrees to block online gambling with credit cards

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) Citibank, the nation’s largest credit card issuer, has agreed to block online gambling transactions using its credit cards, the state attorney general said Friday.

The agreement announced by the bank and Attorney General Eliot Spitzer is expected to significantly reduce illegal, underage and potentially addictive Internet gambling, Spitzer said. It applies to all Internet gambling transactions, not just those in New York, and goes into effect in 60 days.

”Americans now waste $4 billion a year on this pernicious form of gambling,” Spitzer said. ”With this agreement, we will cut off an enormous line of credit that was a jackpot for illegal offshore casinos.”

Other companies, including Bank of America, MBNA and Chase Manhattan Bank, also have begun blocking the gambling transactions, Spitzer said. Citibank controls about 12 percent of the nation’s credit card market.

Citibank also agreed to pay $400,000 to nonprofit groups that counsel and help families hurt by gambling additions.

”Citibank agreed to take these steps to help alleviate concerns raised by the attorney general about the impact that gambling on credit may have on New York residents,” said Citibank spokeswoman Maria Mendler. She added that Internet gambling is associated with higher rates of credit card fraud and delinquency.

Gambling could still be done through accounts funded by UFA players, similar to Off-track Betting systems, a spokesman for Spitzer said.

This is Spitzer’s latest agreement with a major financial institution. In May, Merrill Lynch & Co. agreed to widespread structural reforms and a $100 million penalty to end Spitzer’s investigation of conflicts of interests by its stock analysts. Spitzer said the analysts advised investors to buy stocks they privately called risky in order to land the firms as investment banking clients.

Lawmakers in Washington have been trying to ban Internet gambling since 1996. The …

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Online Poker Player Trumps Record in Situs Judi Slot

LONDON — Online poker player “Shawn” has been added to the growing list of mega-jackpot winners at after taking home $79,162 this weekend. Playing the “Super Jackpot” video poker game, Shawn’s win came from a simple 5-coin bet and the coveted royal flush. Shawn’s poker prowess made him the game’s largest-ever progressive poker player, beating “Palor’s” Oct 5, 2001 record by almost $50,000.

Luckily for player “Jess”, Shawn’s time in the sun was short lived. Within 24 hours of Shawn’s jackpot, his victory was trumped by more than $70,000 when Jess’ $149,986 win on the wildly popular “Rags To Riches” progressive made Jess the new king of the hill.

Although the odds of two progressive wins, on two separate machines, during the same weekend seems a staggering task even for the largest Las Vegas casinos; there is a mathematical explanation behind the good fortune at InterCasino. According to Steve Badger, author of “The Winners Guide to Online Poker”, the more popular the casino, the better the chances of progressive wins. “The chances of winning reflect how popular the casino is. It all depends on the amount of hands played.”

That’s how a couple of regular guys like Shawn and Jess can spend virtually nothing to win thousands by putting their finger of the click button. InterCasino’s jackpots simply grow and grow because they are among the biggest on the internet.

“I’m not at all surprised that Shawn and Jess did so well over the weekend. Super Jackpot has always been a great payer, and the rules are easy enough for any card player to understand. Rags to Riches is one of our most popular games and Jess follows in the footsteps of Situs Judi Slot winners who have won millions of dollars. I think we’ll be seeing a lot …

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Is a book on Awards worth making? You bet

Expected to be a TKO: Hillary Swank in ‘Million Dollar Baby’

Betting on the Oscars has gone way beyond office pools and awards-night parties.

Taking action on the Academy Awards has become a growing source of income for online gaming sites, with oddsmakers carefully calculating betting lines to attract wagers on every category from Best Picture to Best Documentary Short.

And a survey of oddsmakers returns this consensus: Unless your name is Jamie Foxx or Hilary Swank, don’t even bother writing an acceptance speech. Both are overwhelming favorites in the lead acting categories.

“Betting on the Oscars has increased a lot in the past five or six years and become a real event with our customers,” says Stuart Doyle, wagering director of Antigua-based gaming company Doyle expects to handle more than $100,000 in movie wagers.

“The Oscars is still a drop in the bucket compared to sports,” says Leo Shafto, the head oddsmaker for in Costa Rica. “But it has increased enough that it’s become something of value across the [gambling] industry, and we are paying a lot of attention to it.”

Though most Oscar bets are only in the triple-figure range, says Shafto, extensive research goes into calculating Oscar odds.

At, for example, a panel of oddsmakers weighed several factors before posting odds on its Web site within an hour after the nominations were announced last month.

“We sit down as soon as the nominations come on TV and we come up with a fairly good idea of who the favorites in each category will be,” says Doyle.

“But we’ve already been doing our research way before that. We’ll look at the results of the other awards, like the Directors Guild or the Golden Globes, which are a big factor.

“We also go on movie Web …

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A Goalkeeper With Qiu Qiu Terbaik Magic


“I was ready to celebrate, but then this man Banks appeared in my sight like a kind of blue phantom.”

Even Pele was stopped in his tracks by Gordon Banks, the world’s best goalkeeper in his day, who has died aged 81.

A World Cup winner with England in 1966, he is perhaps best remembered for his wonder save from Pele four years later in Mexico, a stop often dubbed the greatest in football history.

Almost half a century later, Banks’ diving flip to deny the world’s best player is still astonishing in its athleticism, snatching victory from certain defeat, an almost extra-terrestrial action on the football field.

A Goalkeeper With Magic

His nonchalant trot back head down across his goalmouth to defend the ensuing corner shows the other side of his character – a decent, modest yeoman warrior not given to blowing his own trumpet loudly.


In both tournaments Banks was in imperious form and might have won a second Jules Rimet trophy had he not mysteriously gone down with food poisoning on the eve of England’s quarter-final against West Germany.


The fact he was the only player to fall ill, from a suspected contaminated beer, and he was England’s mighty guardian, was very suspicious.


“Of all the Qiu Qiu Terbaik players to lose, we had to lose him,” rued manager Alf Ramsey.


To this day no proof of foul play has come forth but rumours abound that the CIA wanted England out so that Brazil would win the World Cup and in its elation the country would not fall to the communists.


Banks was the unlucky hero whose beer was duly poisoned as part of a political game, so the theory goes, but other bizarre …

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The J. League Qq Poker Online goes down to the wire… yet again



At a time when the J. League is crying out for a team to take the championship by the scruff of the neck, the top five continue to falter in their race for the title.


Kashima Antlers continue to lead the way on 54 points, but they will be disappointed with their most recent 0-0 draw at home to the defensive-oriented Albirex Niigata.


Urawa Reds are a point further back in second, after they beat already relegated Consadole Sapporo 2-1 in front of 28,901 fans at the Sapporo Dome in their most recent clash.


The Reds were forced to come from behind Qq Poker Online after the league’s second-top scorer Davi notched his fourteenth goal of the season for Sapporo, before goals from Tatsuya Tanaka and Edmilson saw all three points head back to Saitama.


Nagoya Grampus are the team to have stumbled the most in the run home. The Aichi club are on 52 points, but have picked up just four points from the fifteen on offer in their last five J. League games.


Nagoya crashed to a 2-1 defeat to Kashiwa Reysol at a sold-out Kashiwa Hitachi Stadium last time out, and controversy reigned in the compact stadium when referee Yuichi Nishimura incorrectly ruled out a Frode Johnsen strike for offside. Although Nagoya went on to open the scoring through Yoshizumi Ogawa, late goals from Minoru Suganuma and Popo saw them crumble to a disappointing defeat.


Oita Trinita were held to a scoreless draw by relegation candidates JEF United in front of 23,517 fans at the Kyushu Oil Dome, while Kawasaki Frontale were beaten 2-1 away at Omiya Ardija thanks in no small part to a wonder strike from Omiya striker Klemen Lavric.


Oita are fourth in the table …

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Twice Situs Slot as Many Poker Tables in California than in Nevada



Nevada has much fewer tables than California! The recent survey finds over 1200 Poker tables at California Casinos and Card Clubs and less than 600 in Nevada.


Twice as many Poker Tables in California than in Nevada.Nevada has much fewer tables than California! The recent survey finds over 1200 Poker tables at California Casinos and Card Clubs. The latest survey found 561 poker tables at over 70 locations in Nevada. Poker Usa lists all the casinos and card clubs in Nevada.


The casinos in Nevada with the most tables include Bellagio with 55, Mirage with 31, Orleans with 23, Excalibur Hotel & Casino with 20 and Binion’s Horseshoe Hotel And Casino with 20. The Nevada casino review has listings for all of the Casinos and Poker Tables in Nevada:


Nevada has much fewer tables than California! The recent survey finds over 1200 Poker tables at California Casinos and Card Clubs. The top poker casinos in California are Commerce Casino in Commerce has 150 poker tables, Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardens has 100 poker tables, Crystal Park Casino Hotel in Compton has 70 poker tables, Hawaiian Gardens Casino in Hawaiian Gardens has 69 poker tables, Hollywood Park – Casino in Inglewood has 66 poker tables, Normandie Casino in Gardena has 53 poker tables, Ocean’s Eleven Casino in Oceanside has 40 poker tables, Pechanga Resort & Casino in Temecula has 37 poker tables, Club One Casino in Fresno has 35 poker tables, Bay 101 Casino in San Jose has 30 poker tables, Hustler situs slot Casino in Gardena has 30 poker tables, Garden City Casino in San Jose has 30 poker tables. The complete list is at . Releases the Most Comprehensive Poker Calendar Ever Published



Attn. Poker Players: brings to …

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She’s got one hand in my Pkv Poker pocket



Even a blind squirrel occasionally finds an acorn. I permed my five strongest fancies in doubles and upwards last week, in what proved to be the tastiest Canadian since Alanis Morissette. Speaking of the diminutive whiny artiste, she once wrote a song with the following lyrics, ‘It’s like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife, isn’t it ironic? The answer is no. If you’re looking for a knife, the cutlery drawer should be the first port of call, searching in some sort of spoon factory was flawed from the very beginning.


There’s no doubting the irony surrounding Sunday’s FA Pkv Poker Cup semi final between Boro and West Ham; two English managers will face off in England’s greatest competition, on St George’s Day, fighting to reach the Cathedral of English football; the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. Both teams have been priced up at 6/4 to win the match, after securing victory in the warm up earlier in the week, the Boro are a tentative pick.


Chelsea are a far more confident selection when they meet Liverpool in the other semi. Liverpool may have had the rub of the green in European competition against Jose’s superstars, but the Champions have handed the Reds a couple of real spankings in the Premiership. At 11/10, Chelsea are a boot-filler.


Adding a virtual Champions League playoff to a North London derby is like pairing lager with a chicken madras; a mouth-watering prospect. Arsenal are finishing the season like a train; chalk up this battle to the Gunners at 4/5, as the war for four escalates.


Bolton’s demise has been grossly exaggerated, only Chelsea and Man U have won at the Reebok since August. Big Sam’s gang host a Charlton team that collected three points against Pompey …

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In one New Jersey community, getting a flu shot this fall will be largely a matter of luck, after health officials decided to distribute the vaccine by PKV lottery.


Bloomfield, a township of 70,000 residents north of Newark, had planned to reserve its doses of flu vaccine for senior citizens, adults with chronic medical conditions, pregnant women, people living in nursing homes and health-care workers.


That was when health officials thought they had 1,000 doses to parcel out. Instead, they learned recently they would have only 300.


A shortage of flu vaccine has been felt across the United States since Chiron Corp., the world’s second-biggest influenza vaccine manufacturer, was forced to stop production.


British health officials suspended the California-based company’s licence for three months because of problems at its Liverpool plant.


The suspension means it can’t produce any flu vaccines for any market during that three-month period. The company said it won’t offer vaccines for the rest of the 2004-05 flu season.


In Bloomfield, health officials decided that a lottery would be the most fair and equitable way to decide who gets the shots among the vulnerable groups.


“We are hoping the public sees this as the most fair and equitable way to do this,” the Associated Press reported the township’s health director as saying. “The last thing we want is people to stand in line thinking they are guaranteed a shot.”


The threat of the flu vaccine shortage has created long lines at pharmacies and clinics across the U.S. Several elderly patients have collapsed while standing in line, with one San Francisco-area woman dying.


It also had President George W. Bush using last week’s election debate to urge young, health Americans to forgo a flu shot this year.…

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The exact origin of gambling is unknown. The Chinese recorded the first official account of the practice in 2300 B.C., and it is generally believed that


gambling, in one form or another, has been present in almost every society since. From the Ancient Greeks and Romans to Napoleon’s France and Elizabethan England, history is rich with tales of exploits based on the games of chance. At the height of the Roman Empire, lawmakers decreed that all children were to be taught to gamble and throw dice. One Roman emperor even designed his carriage to allow dice games while enroute to his official duties. The French are credited with inventing playing cards in 1387, and in 1440 Johann Gutenberg of Germany printed the first full deck of cards.


Many present-day gambling games are incarnations of previous games. The French working class of the sixteenth century became adept at the Egyptian game of roulette, while Napoleon took interest in the card game vingt-et-un—what is now known as blackjack or twenty-one. The English developed a diversion called hazard, the forerunner of today’s popular dice-throwing game of craps, and the basis for modern poker games is believed to have originated from a combination of ancient influences including Persian, Italian, and English games of chance. Further refinements to poker include betting techniques introduced by the French and the concept of bluffing developed by the British.




No matter what your educational or professional background, there’s probably a job waiting for you at one of America’s gaming establishments or


at one of hundreds of online casinos abroad. This industry accepts almost anyone with an enterprising spirit and the ability to work well with the general public. One of the few restrictions for casino floor …

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* Parlay: The number of teams in the parlay must all hit or the parlay loses. 2-team parlay pay 13-5 odds. 3-team parlay pay 5-1 odds. 4-team parlays pay 8-1 odds.

* Parlay Cards: Wagers on a minimum of 3 and up to 15 propositions; the more you pick, the higher the payoff.

* Past Performance: What has occurred previously to the forthcoming games.

* Pick: Occasionally, there will be no favorite on a game. In this instance the game is said to be a pick and you can bet 10/11 (bet $110 to win $100) on either team.

* Pick’em Game: Neither team is favored. Take your pick and lay 11 to 10.

* Pointspread: The pointspread – also called “the line” – is used as a margin to handicap the favorite team. The oddsmaker – also called the handicapper – “gives” points (or goals) to the underdog – for betting purposes only. The bettor must take either the favorite or the underdog. The favorite is always indicated by a minus sign (e.g. -8.5) and the underdog by a plus sign (e.g.+8.5). For betting purposes, the outcome of the game is determined by taking the actual game score and finding the difference between the scores of the two teams playing (called the pointspread or just the “spread”). For example – The Green Bay Packers are 8 point favorites over the Miami Dolphins (an 8 point spread shown as -8 beside Green Bay on our “lines” page). If the final score is Green Bay 20 Miami 13, then the actual game score “spread” is 7 points (20 minus 13). In our example if you took Miami (called the “dog”), you would win the bet since Green Bay had to win by 9 points or more to “cover the …

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