Airline to offer gambling and gaming on board!

In an attempt to undermine high-priced airlines, the CEO of toto sgp announced plans of introducing gaming and gambling onboard his airline flights as soon as 2007 which could result – if successful – with the airline offering free tickets for everyone. Michael O’Leary the founder of Ryanair was quoted as saying, ‘Ultimately entertainment will be where the money is.’


Last year Ryanair, Europe’s biggest discount airline, were buoyant with the success of other promotions which resulted in giving away about 25% of their flights for free. Besides plans of introducing in-flight gaming and gambling, Ryanair already generates ancillary income from other services such as car leasing and hotel bookings.


His hopes are so high that he sees potential revenue of ‘a multiple of euros per passenger’ which could within four to five years ensure free flights.


Previous endeavors to expand in-flight entertainment with the launch of an onboard individual video and entertainment system resulted in failure, as only 7-8 percent used that facility. Ryanair had high hopes that a quarter of its annual 35 million passengers would use the facility. The system was then withdrawn from their fleet.


Mr. O’Leary expects to announce a gambling partner within the next 2-3 months as he tries to revolutionize the traditional image of the airline industry which he admitted is built around high-cost tickets and terrible food.


Bingo Entertainment Ltd sponsors Bingo World Championship 2006


Bingo Entertainment Ltd sponsors Bingo World Championship 2006Bingo Entertainment Ltd, proudly announces that it is to sponsor the 5th annual Bingo World Championship 2006.


12 of the most popular online bingo sites have already announced that they will be participating in this hotly anticipated event, which will give out staggering $10,000 in CASH prizes!


The final game alone, will pay an amazing $5,000 in cash to one lucky player!


Each of the 12 sites will sent 15 qualifiers to the final, which is to be held on March 8th 2006, at 8pm EST.


Qualifying rounds on each site will start on December 1st 2005, with the first qualifying round lasting until December 31st 2005. In the first qualifying round, the top 5 players on each site by most deposits will qualify for the final.


The second qualifying round is expected to start on January 1st 2006, and will be finishing on January 31st 2006. In this second qualifying round, the top 5 players on each participating site by most cards played will qualify for the March 8th 2006 final.


The third and final qualifying round is due to start on February 1st 2006, and is expected to finish on February 28th 2006. In this qualifying round the top 5 players by games played will qualify for the final.


Bingo Entertainment Ltd, is very proud to be associated with this great event, which brings together great players from some of the most popular online bingo sites around.


With the number of participating sites increasing, the number of qualifiers from each site also increasing from 12 to 15 and with the prize pool doubled since last year, this surely promises that everyone will have a great time.


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