The exact origin of gambling is unknown. The Chinese recorded the first official account of the practice in 2300 B.C., and it is generally believed that


gambling, in one form or another, has been present in almost every society since. From the Ancient Greeks and Romans to Napoleon’s France and Elizabethan England, history is rich with tales of exploits based on the games of chance. At the height of the Roman Empire, lawmakers decreed that all children were to be taught to gamble and throw dice. One Roman emperor even designed his carriage to allow dice games while enroute to his official duties. The French are credited with inventing playing cards in 1387, and in 1440 Johann Gutenberg of Germany printed the first full deck of cards.


Many present-day gambling games are incarnations of previous games. The French working class of the sixteenth century became adept at the Egyptian game of roulette, while Napoleon took interest in the card game vingt-et-un—what is now known as blackjack or twenty-one. The English developed a diversion called hazard, the forerunner of today’s popular dice-throwing game of craps, and the basis for modern poker games is believed to have originated from a combination of ancient influences including Persian, Italian, and English games of chance. Further refinements to poker include betting techniques introduced by the French and the concept of bluffing developed by the British.




No matter what your educational or professional background, there’s probably a job waiting for you at one of America’s gaming establishments or


at one of hundreds of online casinos abroad. This industry accepts almost anyone with an enterprising spirit and the ability to work well with the general public. One of the few restrictions for casino floor employment is age. In Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, Reno and Atlantic City casino personnel must be 21 years old or older; but at many Indian gaming casinos employees may work on the casino floor starting at age 18. Most online casinos require their workers to be at least 18 years of age.


In addition to specific age requirements, applicants will be checked for evidence of a criminal record. Because of the nature of the business—one in which a tremendous amount of cash flows through the hands of several employees—extensive background checks are performed prior to employment. Depending on the offense, a criminal record may preclude the applicant from casino floor employment.


Along with the industry’s newfound focus on family values and the idea of gaming as entertainment has come lower tolerance for illegal drug use. Employees often find themselves subject to drug testing, either through a urine sample or by the more telling hair sample. (Urine samples may detect traces of drugs up to four weeks after use; hair samples may detect use up to three months prior to the test.) If you have any doubts about your ability to pass either a thorough background check or a drug test, think about pursuing a different line of work. The old days of casino owners looking the other way are over. In this new era of respectability, casinos operate like most any other multimillion dollar business—with policies, procedures, and paperwork. Employees are expected to be drug free and exceptionally trustworthy, considering the amount of hard cash they see in a typical day. Remember, when working on the casino floor, you represent the casino and should always do so in the utmost professional manner.




Many reasons spring to mind for choosing to work in a casino or for an online casino. Sure, many people have a general idea of what it would be like flipping


cards or spinning a roulette wheel at a high-energy casino where the tips are good and the interaction with customers pleasant. But there are other, less obvious reasons to seriously consider working in the gaming industry.


One of the best reasons to pursue work in a TOGEL HARI INI casino may be overlooked. Simply put, it’s because you’ve decided this is what you want to do—maybe not for the rest of your life or even for the next five years, but for right now, today. So, whether you choose to make a lifelong career out of casino work or just want to earn some extra money over the summer, the door is open. Besides, doesn’t it just sound like a whole lot of fun?