Online Poker Player Trumps Record in Situs Judi Slot

LONDON — Online poker player “Shawn” has been added to the growing list of mega-jackpot winners at after taking home $79,162 this weekend. Playing the “Super Jackpot” video poker game, Shawn’s win came from a simple 5-coin bet and the coveted royal flush. Shawn’s poker prowess made him the game’s largest-ever progressive poker player, beating “Palor’s” Oct 5, 2001 record by almost $50,000.

Luckily for player “Jess”, Shawn’s time in the sun was short lived. Within 24 hours of Shawn’s jackpot, his victory was trumped by more than $70,000 when Jess’ $149,986 win on the wildly popular “Rags To Riches” progressive made Jess the new king of the hill.

Although the odds of two progressive wins, on two separate machines, during the same weekend seems a staggering task even for the largest Las Vegas casinos; there is a mathematical explanation behind the good fortune at InterCasino. According to Steve Badger, author of “The Winners Guide to Online Poker”, the more popular the casino, the better the chances of progressive wins. “The chances of winning reflect how popular the casino is. It all depends on the amount of hands played.”

That’s how a couple of regular guys like Shawn and Jess can spend virtually nothing to win thousands by putting their finger of the click button. InterCasino’s jackpots simply grow and grow because they are among the biggest on the internet.

“I’m not at all surprised that Shawn and Jess did so well over the weekend. Super Jackpot has always been a great payer, and the rules are easy enough for any card player to understand. Rags to Riches is one of our most popular games and Jess follows in the footsteps of Togel Singapore winners who have won millions of dollars. I think we’ll be seeing a lot of records broken in the next few months. You can quote me on that!” boasts InterCasino manager Ryan Hartley.

At this rate, it looks like InterCasino may be paying out more than $1 million dollars in progressive jackpots this quarter. With $229,148 won last weekend, and not forgetting the $400,000 in combined winnings at the beginning of this month, the mega-jackpot win for April alone has already topped $629,148 at InterCasino.

IQ-Ludorum Releases IQ-Racing 1.0

London, UK – IQ-Ludorum, the leading provider of gaming solutions for the offshore market, today announced the release of IQ-Racing 1.0, an integrated web solution for wagering on thoroughbred, harness and greyhound races. The release supports IQ-Ludorum’s objective to offer their clients a broad range of gaming services delivering true single account convenience, across the full breadth of digital media devices. It supports a live feed to deliver all of the latest racing data as well as a facility to support pari-mutuel style wagering.

“IQ-Racing gives our existing sportsbook clients the capability to increase and maintain year-round revenue from all racing sports. This complete racing solution for online bettors, targeting the “Sport of Kings”, will open up new wagering opportunities for our customers based on the hundreds of races that take place each day around the world. IQ-Ludorum’s single account strategy succeeds on two fronts: helping to keep customers by offering wider gaming options and maximizing revenue using digital media.” General Manager, Marketing John Roberts

IQ-Racing is a turnkey solution incorporating a live line feed, a robust website interface supporting all common bet types and a secure database that integrates seamlessly with IQ-Ludorum’s existing sportsbooks (IQ-Sportstech, IQ-Netsports, Softech). Platformed on an open architecture, IQ-Racing is compatible with EPoS (Electronic Point of Sale) systems with touch screen terminals for use in betting shops and at race tracks.

IQ-Racing debuted April 18/02 on the site of WWTS, a pioneer in offshore sports betting and one of the most respected organizations in the E-Gaming industry.

About the companies:

IQ-Ludorum plc. is a leader in the E-Gaming Industry, providing a unique integrated architecture for the operation of best-in-class gaming services across all digital media. A publicly held company with offices in the UK, Canada, and throughout the Caribbean, IQ-Ludorum trades on the London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investment