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PN: More poker tournaments are offering charity events. Should poker do more philanthropic events or is it an individual choice?


BG: I think it should be an individual choice. Most poker players aren’t in a position to give money away. I have confidence that many of them would be more charitable if they hit it big like I did.


PN: You give a majority of your tournament winnings to Children, Inc., with the rest going to other charities. What is the objective of the organization and how can people learn more about it?


BG: Check out my website,, for a link or go directly to


PN: Do you play online any or do you prefer live play?


BG: The online games aren’t big enough for me. I played last year while writing the Internet chapter in my book.


PN: You have written a section for Doyle Brunson’s Super/System 2. What can we expect you to be focusing on?


BG: Doyle allowed me to keep my section and make it into my own book. I give advice on how to make money at poker.


PN: Are there any other writing endeavors or other projects you are undertaking?


BG: There are many televised tournaments and projects that I will be part of in the next few years.


PN: What advice would you give the beginning players? What about the player who thinks they are ready to step up to the World Poker Tour?


BG: I advise players to read books and to be very observant when they play. They should try to discern what winning players are doing differently than they are. Anyone can play on the World Poker Tour if they can afford the money and the time. I would advise players to get some practice in internet tournaments first and then, if they feel comfortable, they can take a shot at the big time. visitez le site


PN: What do you see the future of poker being? How do we continue the current success beyond today?


BG: I’m not sure if it will keep growing or if televised poker is nearing its saturation point. I don’t know what you mean by “success.” If teenagers spend their time playing poker instead of playing sports and finishing their education, then we will not be successful, but we will have a lot of poker players.


PN: What does your schedule look like for 2005?


BG: I will play in the final events at the big tournaments and I am trying to get my book out in June. I hope I only need to play in side games during the major tournaments to keep my cash flow in good shape.


PN: How do you take a break from the game?


BG: I don’t play much anymore. I have been dividing my time between traveling to tournaments, staying at home finishing up my book, and responding to mail.



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