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Top 10 Ways to Win at Sit n Go’s for




Sit n Go poker tournaments are really overlooked by online players. These tournaments should be the least risky and best way for any online poker player to make money. While it does take a long time to master Sit n Go’s it shouldn’t be hard if you read up on a few fundamental strategies.


These are the top 10 tips and guidelines I’ve used for years now to win a bunch of extra cash.



  1. Bankroll Size.


Not going by this basic fundamental is why so many players don’t make it to become successful at Sit n Go’s. Always have at least 15 buy-ins in case you hit a bad run.


So if you have $100 to start with make sure you are just playing a mixture of the $5 and $10 sit n go’s. You don’t want to start off with the $100 sit n go’s and hope to get lucky and win. Once you begin to build your bankroll slowly move up in stakes until you are playing $100 tables or more. That’s where the real money begins.


  1. Patience is a Must


When playing Sit n Go’s it’s all about patience. Play your big hands strong and don’t give away any chips in the beginning. Don’t play marginal hands.


You want to play very tight and save the aggression for later. Beginning hands will consist of your big pairs and the AK, AQ, KQ and such. These hands deserve and opening raise of about 8% of your stack. Always try to narrow down the field to about 1 or 2 other players with these types of hands. visitez le site


  1. Suited Connectors and Small Pairs


These are your money hands in Sit n Go’s. You want to get in as cheap as possible with these types of hands. Limp in with small pairs in mid to early position.


If you are in late position and feel your opponents are weak then you may put out a decent raise with a small pair hoping to steal the blinds. Typically you will just call with the small pairs though. Small raises should be called with both types of hands early in the game. Late in the game suited connectors have no value and small pairs are used solely for blind thieving.


  1. Mid Game Play


Towards the middle of your game you should still keep a tight style. You can open your game up a little bit but don’t just call bets. This is the time where the small pairs become your raising hands and suited connectors are no longer in the picture. Continue your tight style with bursts of aggression.


  1. Late Game


Position is the most important part of late game play. Late game play is where the blinds are high and there should only be 4 or less players. Because you played tight throughout the game your opponents will see you as a tight player. Now is the time to open your play. Raise when you are on the button to steal blinds. An even better position to steal blinds is one spot to the right of the button. Steal some chips but don’t be afraid to bail if you get pushed.


  1. Heads up Play


It’s about true aggression during heads up. Start things off by becoming the guy who pushes the other player around. Ace high is a monster heads up and you should play it that way. Even King high is not too shabby. Force your opponent to make that decision for all his chips. The aggressor will almost always win so adjust your style accordingly.


  1. Multitabling Sit n Go’s


This is a must if you want to win a lot of money. Sit n Go’s generally take up to an hour to play. Playing more than 1 table will increase your hourly win rate and shorten the length of time you must play to pay the bills.


We recommend starting off slow and moving up to a max of 4 tables. Any more than that and your play begins to suffer. Also try places like Party Poker and Bodog. They have picture in picture tables that make it easier to play more than one table.


  1. Play to Position


Position is the more important fundamental in Sit n Go strategy. Don’t call marginal hands in early position. Very simple but often overlooked by impatient players. Small pairs in early position, later in the game, with a full field should also be folded. Why? Because the blinds are too big to just call and you will most likely be forced to make a decision for all your chips. It is too risky and should be folded.


  1. Avoid Marginal Hands


Playing marginal hands like Ace X and J 4 suited will dwindle your chips very quickly in Sit n Go’s. Avoid these hands and just fold them.


  1. Stick it Out


No matter how many bad beats you get and coin flips you lose stick it out. I’ve won many of times with only a couple chips left. Resist any urges to go on tilt and you will be amazed at what you can do with a short stack.



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