Different Types of Agen Bola Casino Gamblers

Different Types of Agen Bola Casino Gamblers



If you love to go to a casino, sometimes the things that you personally witness players do while entertaining themselves with the slot machines are quite amusing. But sometimes these kinds of behaviors are offensive. The most bothersome people are those people that are very inconsiderate and do not think about the welfare of others.


A gaming machine banger is the gamblers who carelessly slap a button with force that it rocks the machine. It seems that these people believe that if they pound the button hard enough, it will give them more money. If you are currently playing an old version of the slot machines that you still need to pull the arm then you will really make some noise.


There are some players that will pull down the slot machine’s arm with enough strength that it will even pull them off from their seats. You can only pray that soreness and some bruises on the arm will force this kind of player to stop. A machine beater is also the same with a machine banger because they play with so much emotion. They will use a clench fist to hit the button rather than an open hand. A bad spin is likely to cost a kick to the lower part of the machine or a hand slap at the front area of the machine.


This may also cause a bad word or two. A lounger is the type of player who uses the container of the machine as their foot rest. The gambler will relax on their seat and put up their shoes on the ledge of the machines.


If reminded gently, the gambler may remove their feet from the machine so that other players can sit down to the unoccupied machines. With luck, this may spur the player to go to a more comfortable place like a coffee establishment or lounge. A beginner in the game will usually sit near players that they believe have a lot of experience in the game.


They usually do not possess a single clue on what to do like in poker. The quickest technique on how to avoid this type of player to tell them that they should set aside the pair of jacks and get the straight. Organized players can be annoying because you have to deal with all of them.


While a single Agen Bola player plays on a machine, the other players cluster around that player and cheer loudly and even scream at the top of their lungs. It can be irritating and distracting to you and other players in the game. A lot of players that smoke do not think about the welfare of the players that do not smoke.


No matter how useful the ventilation system of the casino, non-smoking players will still suffer. The worst kind of smoker is the one who use the coin tray as an ash tray. The only thing that you can do about that kind of player is to leave the casino facility.