Ninja II:Shadow of a Tear

Ninja II:Shadow of a Tear

WOW what a great month for Adkins fanz, we have been treated to lots of great pics from the film and finally the trailer for Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear…of which was really badass.

The film had its premiere last night at Fantastic Fest last night and the first review has come up and it is very positive, here is just a few words from that review – “The real winner of the day was saved for last. One of the many joys of attending a film festival is seeing something you’ve never heard of before, walking in cold to an experience that inspires great enthusiasm. Such was the case with Ninja: Shadow of a Tear”. ” The cheers that came after each fight scene in Ninja: Shadow of a Tear felt totally earned. If you love action, if you love martial arts, or if you love something in between, you’ll want to see Ninja: Shadow of a Tear as soon as you can.”

Check out the review below along with the trailer and photos

Fantastic Fest Review of Ninja II